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Referral Sources Report

The Referral Sources report draws from the referral source indicated in the case record. This only reports on the main Referral Source. This is not the place to get a report on Referral Sources - Other. This report can be copied and pasted into a Word document, in an Excel document, or into an email. This report can also be displayed in a pie chart.

1) To use your Referral Sources Report, please click REPORTS> and then select one of the referral sources report in the list.  

A new window will pop open showing you your report options.  You will need to select the Start and End Dates you want included in your report, the Types of Cases (Closed, New, or All), and if you want to include links to your cases. 

2) The Referral Source report will open in a new window.

It will provide a summary of the case types, the raw data, and the percentages.  If you chose to include the links, you may also click on the names to click into the relevant cases.