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Active/Inactive Staff

You are able to make staff members/volunteers/interns active or inactive.

Why would you want to make a staff member active?

You would want them to be active so that they are able to log-in, view upcoming times for their cases, upload and download relevant case documents, make notes on  their cases, etc.  

Why would you want to make a staff member inactive? 

You want to make a staff member inactive if they are not currently  working on a case. This prevents them from being able to log-in.  Also, since Caseload Manager charges per the amount of active staff members you have, this might also decrease the amount you are spending per month.  If a staff member becomes inactive you would want to change their status to "inactive" instead of deleting them  If you delete them you will also lose their history--their relationship to cases they have worked on, what their availability and languages are, etc.  

To change their Active/Inactive Status:

simply click EDIT> Staff and then click on an individual staff member to change their status. 

If you would like to see a summary of all staff members and instantly know who is active or inactive, click on Select Fields and then check Status.  When you update your page, you will see Status as a column in your Staff Summary page.