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Custom Calendar Reminders

1) First, you will need to create your custom fields. Go to SETTINGS> Custom Calendar Fields

2) Verify that you want these fields in your calendar reminder.  

Add any additional custom fields you so choose.

3) Next, create a calendar item.  In the Calendar Hub, Click Add Item. 

4) Create your calendar item.  

Fill out the necessary date, time, location, and notes for your calendar item. Add any Participants or Staff that will be involved in your calendar item. 

5) At the bottom of the screen, notice your custom fields.  

These will be included in your email reminder. 

6) Select who you want to receive the email reminder and when.

You can select the Staff Involved, the Participants, or All.  They can receive a reminder of the Calendar Item immediately Upon Save, the Day of the Meeting, or Both. 

7) Select "Save" and your emails will be sent.