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Minimum Billing Time Increment

Caseload Manager provides multiple options for arranging billing.  One of these methods is by providing a minimum time increment for every activity.  For instance, you might choose to have the minimum time set for 0.25, or a quarter of an hour, for every Email Manager Correspondence. This would mean that every email sent out of Caseload Manager would be logged as an additional quarter hour of time.  

This increased time will show up in two places.  First, it will show up under reports. Click Reports> Activities and Calendar Items and you will see a summary of the time, including Email Manager Correspondence. 

Second, the time will show up under the total time summary at the bottom right of the case record. 

To set the minimum time increment, click SETTINGS> Global Settings.  You will need to have administrative access to change these settings.  In this window, you may determine what time increment you desire in percentages of an hour (meaning 0.5 will result in 50% of an hour, or 30 minutes).