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Assigning Case Field Access

Access levels can be set by a general setting: setting your staff levels as admin, staff, observer, or no access.

Access levels can also be set for each individual case field.  In other words, if you want a mediator to be able to edit most of the Case Information but not be able to change the case number, then you can make the case number uneditable or invisible for staff.

1) To do this, click on your SETTINGS>Edit Case Field Access.

You will see a list of all individual access settings you have added.  To add a new setting, click the Add button.

2) Next select the field that you would like to work on.  

This can be a custom field (one you created) or a regular field (one we created).

3) Then determine how you would like this to be changed (limited editing, invisible) etc.

4) Finally determine who you would like this change to apply to (everyone, observers, staff, workgroups, etc.).

If you would like to assign visibility by group, then you can select viewable but not editable by staff.  This means that you, as the administrator with full access, will still be able to make changes to that field.  Your staff can view that field, but not edit it.  

Click Add to save your changes.