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Case Navigation Bar

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Case Navigation Bar Highlights:

1) Case Page List Number.  The home screen will show 30 cases at one time. This number will show you what page you are on in your case list, such as pg. 32 of 50.

2) Add New Case - Clicking Add New Case will open a pop-up window which allows you to open up a new case.

3) Filter: Clicking filter will open a new window.  This window will allow you to filter your cases list.

4) Select Fields  This link opens a pop-up window which allows you to choose which fields in your case Hub you would like to be visible, or which fields you would like to export.

5) Export - This link allows you to save a copy of your desired case information. This is useful for creating reports or keeping a back-up of your information.  

6) Expand - This button expands your cases list to be a full screen.