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Setting Staff Type

To set staff access levels, Click on EDIT> Staff.  

Then click on the names of the individual staff members. Then select their Access Level Settings.  

Access Levels:

Admin: The admin is omniscient and omnipotent.  They can see all and do all in the Caseload Manager.  They can view every case, contact, email, document and calendar item. They can also assign passwords and make mediators active or inactive. They may change field settings, add fields, determine access levels of users, andmake users active or inactive.

Staff: The staff should include all of your mediators and support staff.  These people may see every thing that they have been allowed to see.  If admin enters a case "Smith v. Jones" but doesn't assign a mediator, then no mediator may see that case or any associated documents, calendar items, activities, etc.  As soon as an admin assigns a mediator to a case however, then that mediator may VIEW AND EDIT everything associated to that case.

Observer: The observer may view information in those cases to which they have been added, but they may not edit them.

No access: People with no access are those people that you would like to keep in your contact list, but they are not currently active.

For additional control over individual fields, click here.