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Charging by Item

The majority of billing options in Caseload Manager are set-up to charge according to case type. 

This means that a Divorce case, for example, will charge at a standard $250/hour or $500/mediation session.  And every hour or mediation session within that case will bill at that rate. 

There are times, however, where different items within a case need to be billed at a different rate.  For instance, you might have a consultation session for $100 but every mediation session after that is $500.  Or maybe the case begins as a facilitation with one rate, and then changes to an artbitration at a different rate.

To accomodate these fluctuating charges Caseload Manager allows you to bill items by invidivual activity fees.

Simply click SETTINGS> Activity and Calendar Items.  Click on the activity for which you would like to set a unique price, and type in the new fee.  



The ability to Charge-by-Item, whether it's an activity or calendar item, is an advanced Caseload Manager feature.  For information about ordering add-ons, click here