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Advanced Workgroup Information

Workgroups are used to divide data into clusters. 


Staff can be assigned to multiple workgroups.  Simply edit the workgroups' list (EDIT> Workgroups), click on an individual workgroup, and then click on a person's name to add them to that workgroup. The supervisor of a workgroup also has the access to add a staff member directly to a workgroup. They will see a dropdown in individual staff member's accounts where they can add them to a workgroup that way.   


When you click "Add New Case" the first question you will be prompted with is to "Select a Workgroup."  You can leave this blank, or assign the case to a workgroup.  Once a case has been assigned to a workgroup, then you can assign staff to that case that has been added to that workgroup.  Unless a staff member has been added to a specific workgroup, they will not be available for case selection once a case has been assigned to that workgroup. In other words, workgroups filter out staff that are not assigned to that workgroup. 

Case Field Access:

Workgroups allow to not only select that staff should appear in that workgroup, but also what fields.  For instance, if you have a Family workgroup, you might want to assign your divorce, custody, and property division fields to your Family workgroup.  This means that those fields will not appear in your other workgroups. To do this, click SETTINGS> Case Field Access.  To add a new designation, click Add.  From the top of the window, select the Field (this could be a regular field or one of your custom fields). Then, on the bottom of the window, select your desired visibility. To limit this field to only appear to a specific workgroup, simply click How Visible: then select your desired workgroup.


The default for sub-workgroups is that they will have the same settings as their parent.  So whatever settings and field designations you give to the top-level workgroup, those designations will trickle down to their sub-workgroups. You may over-ride this default setting by changing the Case Field Access designation for that individual sub-group.

Display workgroups:

You can see which cases you have assigned to a workgroup.  Simply click on the Display menu at the top center of the screen.  Select your desired workgroup from the menu.  On some browsers you might need to refresh your page to see the changes.