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Individual Activity Charging

Caseload Manager has the ability to create very specific charges.  

From within a case record, you may click Add Activity.  If this feature has been activated for you, then you will notice Activity-specific payment options.  There is the ability to add a general charge for activities in the top of the activity window.  Specifically, "If invoice, amount".  You may add charges to this activity that are not specifically tied to a person.  For instance, this might be where you would place Mileage for a session in order to reimburse the mediator. 

If you have a specific charge per person for this activity, then you can type in that amount next to the participant's name.  For instance, if your office charges a sliding fee scale, then each participant might need to charge a different amount for each activity.  So next to one participant's name you might type $20 and then type $25 next to another participant's name.