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Changes Made to Improve Processing Speed

Improvements in processing speed reduce timeout and deadlock errors, and increase how quickly pages load. We are continually resizing our server instances to meet demand.

Caseload Manager changes: 

If you click Add Activity from within a case record, the only contacts that will load are those that have already been associated with that case. 

If you click Add Activity from the home screen, the default is now set to only preload open cases. 

Things you can do to improve processing speed:

- Verify that you have the latest version of your browser.

- Set activity and case filters to manageable sizes. This reduces load times of activity and calendar entry screens.

- Before exporting cases, activities and calendar items, set your filters to small batches of data if you are experiencing timeout errors. If you need the full data set, you can patch the exported files together in Excel.

- Whenever feasible, add calendar items and activities from inside the case rather than from the main entry screen.

-  If case entry screens are loading too slowly, go to Settings > Person Types, select the most-used person types, and turn on "Skip Party Dropdowns".