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Microsoft Word Mail Merge

This is a step-by-step guide to importing your Participants List into a Microsoft Office Mail Merge.

The example below shows how to make address labels from your Participants.  The same process can easily be changed to merge the information into a document, such as a Mediation Agreement, Intake Form, Evaluation, Case Report, and so on.  

1) Begin by Clicking on EDIT, then selecting Participants. 

You may choose All People (these are all of your clients, not all of your staff), or you may choose a certain people group (such as lenders, donors, children, etc.). 

2) Next a window will pop-up. This window will list all of the fields that you have selected to display. To edit this list (and select which fields you will export), click Select Fields.

Check which fields you want included in your export, then click Update at the bottom of this window. 

 3) You may also filter the items that appear in your export.  To narrow down the amount of participants you see, Click Filter on the list of participants, and enter in your filter criteria.  Then click Update at the bottom of the window.  


4) After you have the right fields selected, on the Participant List window select EXPORT.  The data will then export to your computer (you can change where your export saves, typically either your Desktop or your Documents).





5) Next, Open of your Microsoft Word.  Click on Tools,then Click Mail Merge Manager.

6) Next the Mail Merge Manager window will pop-up.  

7) In Section 1 of the Mail Merge Manager, determine if you are creating a new set of labels or envelopes. Then in the second section, click Get List.  You will want to navigate to the list you exported from the Caseload Manager.  


8) In the 3rd Section, "Insert Placeholders," Insert the fields so that the labels will look how you want them to.  


9) In the bottom 6th Section, "Complete Merge," Click the button to Create a New Document.

10) A new document will open up with your complete set of labels ready to print.