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Data Export

Quickstart Guide

You are able to back-up and save your entered case data to an Excel file at anytime.

Creating an Excel Spreadsheet

Creating a Mail Merge


Full Explanation of Export Process:

On your main Caseload Manager page click the EXPORT link.

You will get a little window asking you if you want to open or save your files, You will want to Save.

Now select a location to save your file. Perhaps create a folder on your desktop named Caseload Manager and save it there.



To View Your Caseload Manager Files as a Spreadsheet

Open Your Microsoft Excel program and click File and then Import

Browse to the location of your saved .txt file and click Open (PC) or Get Data (Mac)

You will be selecting Text file on the next screen and click the Import button

After this you will click Next, Next, Finish.  Then view your Finished Spreadsheet.



The breakdown of options is below.

Select Delimited on the next screen and then click Next

Select Tab on the next screen and then click Next (almost done!)

Just click Finish on the next screen

You will now be viewing your data in a spreadsheet