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Merging Information

This page discusses merging information from within Caseload Manager to Mail Manager to create emails or documents.  If you need information about exporting information out of Caseload Manager to your computer, click here.

1) In Caseload Manager, click Mail in the upper-right hand corner.

2) In Email Manager, enter in the fields that you would like to substitute in the email text editing section.

To substitute a text field into an email type that field with tildas (~) surrounding the field.  The substitutions available are:


You can also include links to surveys with the link ~survey1url~ to go to Survey 1, ~survey2url~ to go to Survey 2, etc. if you have created surveys on your system. 

Finally, you can create text substitutions for fields you have created. You can include mediator and participant information, as shown below. 

Or you can include custom fields, such as Custom Case Fields (CCF) or Custom Party Fields (CPF) and then the first letters of the field. For instance, Custom Case Field Mediator Survey Date would be substituted by typing ~CCFMediatorSurveyD~

3) To merge the information from Caseload Manager into your Mail Manager, you can either: 

  • Click Send.  When it sends, it merges the information so each person sees the correct information.
  • Click Print/PDF. This sends the merged information to a new internet page.  Click on your internet options to save this to your desktop as a pdf that you can save as a backup.  You can also print this to send out personalized letters to your clients.